Visma PPG internationalization services

PPG now offers a new added value service to its customers - internationalization services. Our internationalization services are managed by Timo Untinen, who has more than 20 years of experience in export sales and marketing in several countries.

Our internationalization services include:

  1. Assessing the export potential of your company's products and services
  2. Providing support when applying for public export funding
  3. Market and competition analyses in the target countries
  4. The creation and execution of an export plan
  5. Partner searches, contacting new customers and background checks
  6. Participation in the sales and marketing work in the target country
  7. Other consultation services that support internationalization

We also carry out carefully tailor-made public administration export training, export initiation and export operation development projects together with other internationalization experts.

PPG and its teams of financial and legal expert specializing in international trade are always available to our clients. They will help you deal with new customers in your target country, become international and get established in your target country - in a safe and controlled manner.

In order to use PPG's internationalization services, a company does not need to be using our other services. In our internationalization projects, we abide by general consulting guidelines. All commissions are considered confidential.

Start with a plan:

We will assess your company's strengths and chances from an export perspective. We'll also identify your company's opportunities in new market areas. If you so wish, we will also participate in developing your company's operations and help it adapt to the new market. Market monitoring, opportunity identification and the prediction of future developments improve your company's position in new market areas. We open doors to new customerships, run background checks on potential customers, support the sales process both ourselves and through our international partner network and provide financial and legal services.

Internationalization is an opportunity, not a threat. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're considering international expansion.

Timo Untinen, Senior Advisor
Pappila-Penkkala Group Oy / Internationalization services
Tel.: +358 40 672 4305

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